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Data Manager Functionality

Data Manager provides:

  • Various database types support, including:
    • DBase databases - files in DBF format
    • MS Access databases - MDB files
    • MS Excel tables - XLS files (Excel 1995-2003)
    • Text databases - regular TXT, SCV, ASC, TAB text files

  • Unified access to database files and tables by means of special Data Manager Tables (logical tables) definition. This includes :
    • DM Tables tuning for different file / table structures
    • Automatic creation of Data Manager logical Tables basing on phisical database files / tables
    • Possible external (logical) names for DM Table fields (columns)
    • Support of automatic decoding for fields, coded by a dictionary (by another database file / table)
    • Possible context help for a field based on a dictionary
    • Multi-dictionary support (files, containing several dictionaries)
    • Data Manager Tables, based on several joined files / tables

  • Logical DM tables and phisical files connection control, including:
    • A possibility to connect some Phisical file / table to defined Logical DM table
    • A possibility to create phisical file / table based on a Logical DM table including possible creation of dictionary files
    • Automatic creation of logical DM table based on some existing Phisical file

  • Input Forms creation supporting editing of DM tables, including:
    • Definition of edited table fields and their order
    • Condition definition basing on fields values to extract records from the table for editing
    • Records sorting including multiple level sorting

  • User defined Record View Forms creation supporting records view, editing, and printing, including:
    • Auto generation of Record View Form template for selected table
    • HTML page import to be used as a Record View Form template
    • Inserting into Record View Form areas for record fields editing

  • Data editing inside of selected Input Form, including:
    • Records sorting and selection control
    • Functions to add, delete, copy records
    • Functions to edit records
    • Functions to edit record fields using dictionaries when applicable

  • Printing of Records View Forms, including:
    • Printer setup
    • Printing per page, selectively
    • Print preview

  • Support of Input Form libraries, including:
    • Input Form definition
    • Input Form editing
    • New Input Form creation basing on an existing Input Form
    • Selection of Input Form for use

  • Support of query libraries, including:
    • Query creation
    • Query editing
    • New query creation basing on an existing query
    • Selection of query for execution

  • Query definition to access data from Data Manager Table, including:
    • Definition of output table fields and their order
    • Condition definition basing on fields values to extract records from the table
    • Output records sorting including multiple level sorting
    • Records grouping
    • Query parameters setting
    • Printed pocument format definition (header and footer)

  • Summary strings forming while records grouping, including:
    • Records counting in groups
    • Calculation of sum, everage, max and min values in records groups
    • Nested multilevel records grouping, including multilevel forming of summary strings

  • Query execution to extract information from database tables, including:
    • Parameter values specification before query execution
    • Default parameter values support
    • Looking through query results
    • Presenting query results without summary strings
    • Presenting only summary strings as a query result

  • Printing query results, including:
    • Printer setup
    • Printing per page, selectively
    • Print preview
    • Table width zooming for tables

  • Saving query results in files for sending them to other information systems:
    • Fast query results saving into a table of the same database (from wich query results extracted)
    • Export of query results into file / table of any supported database type, including:
      • into DBase database file (DBF file)
      • into MS Access database (a table in MDB file)
      • into MS Excel 2003 table (a sheet in XLS file)
      • into text file (TXT, SCV, ASC, or TAB file)

  • Data Manager Settings - selecting database directory, DM Tables directory, Input Form library and query library directories.

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