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Data Manager

Data Manager is a set of products to collect, process, analize, and present data basing on common table and database handling technology :

  • DM-Base : Data Manager based personal database, a convenient full-featured tool for individuals providing personal database services. DM-Base Quick Start Manual is here.
  • DM-GrID : Specialized Internet Data Organizer - a tool for Internet data collection in tables. In particular it provides direct data input from Internet pages - just by clicking the mouse button You can move text fragments, pictures, links from a web page (if allowed by the auther) directly to your table using DM-integrated specialized web browser. DM-GrID Quick Start Manual is here.
  • DM-Integrator : Data Manager based Tables Integrator - functionally complete set of tools for verification, analysis and integration of tabular data, obtained from various sources. DM-Integrator Quick Start Manual is here.
  • DM-Query : a tool for database queries creation and execution to find and extract needed information from tables.
  • DM-Editor : Electronic Albums Editor - a tool providing presentation of table data as any set of arbitrary HTML-pages. These pages can be created by templates and modified by DM-integrated specialized HTML-editor.
  • DM-Constructor : Application Constructor - professional tool for Information system developers and integrators which provides target information systems prototyping and development .

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To chanage DM UI language push button and select needed language in the right upper win corner.

Download Data Manager Trial version


The DM release 4.0.248 generates application panels with improved design. Also new button-selector elements can be generated for panels

"ALL - for ALL!" promo action : If You buy a licenze for any Data Manager product line program - You receive the complete functionality of all other 5 products FOR FREE!

In DM release 4.0.243 the semantic of the "Value" operation is changed for totals (summary lines) calculation

In DM release 4.0.239 it is possible to store application windows positions and sizes

Data Manager release 4.0.237 supports specialized input panel development - input panels are called automatically by the system just after adding new records into the table (dataset).

Data Manager release 4.0.235 supports a possibility to specify for table fields arbitrary logical formulas providing record values checking during manual data input, and also start value definition for fields.


Soft Key Data Manager is available in Softkey online supermarket.

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Edit Data screen Edit Input Form screen Exec query screen Print preview screen Export results screen Edit query screen Summary Strings format definition screen Edit DM Tables screen

Data Manager is a set of utilities to work with Databases. With Data Manager you can create your database from scratch or configure Data Manager to work with an existing database. DM is able to work with any ODBC-compartible databases. By default Microsoft Jet Database Engine is used. This database engine is a standard Windows component, it supports local DBase (DBF), Access (MDB), Excel (XLS), and text databases, so with DM you can work with all these databases, including possibility to convert your data from one format to another.

Data Manager provides :

  • Data input, storage, processing and presentation for different types of data including images and internet links.
  • Standard functionality of buil-in specialized browser
  • Direct data input into tables from arbitrary internet pages
  • Quick and easy table creation and table structure modification, dataset definition basing on several related tables
  • Ability to connect to any ODBC-compatible database (including remote database) and work with existing tables and files

  • Viewing, testing, converting and processing data in tables
  • Creation of Data Access Forms to work with datasets
  • User defined Record View Forms creation supporting records view, editing, and printing
  • Presentation application and other application development for database created
  • Data selection, sorting and printing
  • Query definition and execution to extract information from database tables including data grouping support
  • Saving Query results in files to transfer it to other data processing systems

See detailed Data Manager functionality description HERE!


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