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Who may be interested in Data Manager
and how You can use it?

As we believe Data Manager can be used by several categories of users:

  • by individuals - to work with their personal data on their computers;

  • by managers - as a tool for them and their employees to work with internal company data;

  • by information system developers and integrators - to develop target information systems or integrate Data Manager into their systems and distribute them to end users.

Individual Users
Working with Personal Data

Data Manager is designed to provide users a simple, sutable and universal access to data on their computers. It provides means to describe user data structure and then to create and edit their database, define and execute queries to these data. Universal database editor, fast and flexible way to create new queries provided as well as development of a library of Input Forms and standard Queries with clearly defined parameters.

Directors and Managers
Tool to work with Business Data

It is possible to adapt Data Manager to database structure used in the company and then work with this database, create and develop Input Forms a Query library, which provides wide easy ways for data input / editing, flexible data / information retrieval services for employees and creation of adequate accounting forms for managers.

Data Manager is able to extend functions, supplement existing company information system with flexible and easily modifiable Query System, which is naturally adapted to company specific and needs and which is supported by employees itself without IT specialists participation.

Information system developers and integrators
A tool for information system development and / or a standard module for integration to a target Information System

Data Manager can be used as a tool for development of target information systems, or as an off-the-shelf adaptible module ready for integration into information system under development. Wide range of target information systems can be developed based on Data Manager. It could be also a basis for development of flexible adaptible Query System, oriented to the end users.

It is easy to integrate Data Manager into target information system as it has special flexible means for database structure definition and it can be tuned to any knowledge domain by development of specialized database logical tables, Input Forms library, and Query Library.

Information systems and Query Systems on the base of Data Manager can be easyly tuned and adapted in correspondence with end user experience grows and changing entire information system functional requrements.

Data Manager usecases

We try to present in this section some usecases - how Data Manager can be used in different areas. I case you have some additional examples of Data Manager usage - please write us to email bvn@c-rover.com and we'll include your usecase in this section.

Usecase 1. Personal Database

Alex likes fine art and collects information about Italian artists. He has created and supports on his personal computer a kind of database of Italian artists and their paintings. Alex uses Data Manager to work with it.

You can create and support your database on your computer without expencive proffecional tools like MS Office and use Data Manager to seach for needed information, visualisation and printing query results.

Usecase 2. Additional query library for existing database

John's company uses an information system based on DBase files. Forms it generates are good enough but sometimes new query types are needed and John have to request support from the application service provider to avoid manually combining information from several existing forms to collect needed data.

The problem was resolved by means of Data Manager. It was tuned to existing DBF database and now it is possible to create new queries easily without requesting the application service provider support.

In case you have an information system with a fixed set of standard queries you can use Data Manager to prepare new query types and so extend your query library as needed.

Usecase 3. Information System development

In case you have rich experience in some area and have a lot of information in this area you probably want to structurize it and share it in form of specialized extendible database. Data Manager is a good instrument to support this idea.

By means of Data Manager you can create specialized database, define basic means for the user to support it, to search and represent data. So your experiance and knowledge can be shared with others and this can be a kind of commercial product.

Usecase 4. Application oriented Query System

Victor is an owner and Direcor of a company which develops and supply information systems for analitic departments of patient care institutions. One of the main information system functions is Query system, which have to support data search and grouping as well as query results displaying and printing. The problem here is that on the development stage it is not possible to specify the complete set of all needed accounting forms to prepare - report requirements are subject to change. So Victor is looking for universal solution to support Query System functionality.

As a result Data Manager license was odered, which provides right to redestribute Data Manager as a part of the target system. The target Query System was developed basing on it by adjusting Data Manager to target database. It includes also a query library supporting search, grouping, displaying and printing basic set of needed reports.

This Query System is actually extendable and its extention, as well as modification of existing queries, is under full end users control. It has been integrated into target information system, so from the point of end user view it is considered to be a natural part of the system.

In addition Victor has decreased the development cost significally as Data Manager tuning to new application domain is much more easy than new component development.

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